Home Made Kefir Demo - From the Kitchen of Dr. Susan Bradt

Kefir is a cultured, yogurt-like drink containing a wide variety of friendly bacteria as well as beneficial yeast. Of all the cultured foods available, kefir comes out on top as far as potency and diversity of beneficial microbes. It is fantastic for healing leaky gut, strengthening your microbiome, recovering from antibiotics or surgery, and for overall immune support.

Kefir can be made from any type of milk: cow, goat, sheep, coconut, rice or soy. The milk is combined with kefir grains, which look like small, translucent clumps of cauliflower. These grains contain the bacteria/yeast mixture that will ferment the milk, incorporating their friendly organisms to create the cultured product. You can drink the beverage plain or blend with berries and honey for a delicious smoothie.

Join me in my kitchen for a demonstration of how quick and easy it is to make kefir at home!