Dr. Susan Bradt is a very warm and caring person who looks after her patients like family. She is thorough with her explanations of what the treatment will be and looks into all the issues a person is having. She asks about your life and how things are affecting you physically as well as mentally. I have been seeing Dr. Bradt for a while and can honestly say that I feel the most comfortable in her presence, I never feel judged and I know that she is truly helping me on my health journey.
— Jessica, Asheville NC

I have found Dr. Bradt to be quite insightful and knowledgeable. She has helped me navigate difficult medical conditions and find ways of deep healing. I completely trust her judgment and she has made huge a difference in my life and in the way I deal with these challenges. I am very grateful to her.
— Anonymous, Asheville NC

I have been seeing Dr. Susan Bradt for several years now. Initially it was to get my blood pressure under control. Because she is a doctor who is very in tune with her patients and takes the time to listen, we soon discovered my blood pressure was high because of an underlying issue; which I eventually needed to see a specialist for. She quickly got me in to see him and I will be eternally grateful to her for this. I continue to see Dr. Bradt for Hashimoto’s and am thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and expertise in this area. Dr. Susan Bradt is a physician who stays on top of research so she can help her patients make educated decisions in their health care. I highly recommend her!
— Dr. Terri L., Asheville, NC

What I appreciate most about Dr. Bradt is her thoughtful approach to helping me improve my health. Our appointments are never rushed, and I feel that she really listens to what I am saying. She also is understanding about my desire to see alternative health practitioners, such as an acupuncturist, and is willing to take their recommendations into consideration as part of her treatment plan. With Dr. Bradt I feel as though I have a watchful, caring and very knowledgeable conductor who is helping to coordinate a multi-pronged approach to optimizing my overall health as I grow older. I feel very grateful to have found her functional medicine practice and am gladly willing to travel from South Asheville to continue under her care!
— Kathleen, Asheville NC

I found Dr. Susan Bradt in 2011 when I was searching for help with 2 major health issues. A gastroenterologist had told me I was a prime candidate for cancer and when I asked what I could do to change my state of health he said, “There’s nothing you can do, it’s unavoidable”. This doctor was overweight and the picture of un-health so I admit I didn’t give any credence to his advice.

Months later, I found Dr. Bradt and, after a 50 minute appointment, she got to the root issues and created a path of recovery that didn’t involve any prescriptions at all, just dietary changes. It turns out I was my own worst enemy and she explained in terms I could understand the What, Why, and How I was damaging my health with bad food behaviors. I did everything she recommended and was 100% symptom free within 30 days…and have remained as such ever since.

In 2017, my husband, Steve, had kidney stones and the Radiologist found a mass in his lung during the ER visit. The ER doctor prescribed antibiotics so we 100% ignored his advice and headed straight to Dr. Bradt instead. She met with us for almost 2 hours, identified several major underlying health issues, which the ER doctor and a pulmonologist had previously missed, and put in place a course of action; again no prescriptions…just a dietary overhaul. Just to give you an example of Steve’s improvement; normal insulin levels range from 5 to 7 but his was 70! Under Dr. Bradt’s care, though, his insulin level just 8 months later is a 7! This is a staggering reduction and I know without a shadow of a doubt that Dr. Bradt got to the true root cause and averted what could have been a tragic health situation.

Steve and I are both continuing to work with her to position ourselves to age well, and her integrative approach is achieving super results and giving us a quality of life we would never see with run-of-the-mill medical care.

We believe Dr. Susan Bradt is THE most talented, genuinely caring, and knowledgeable physician we’ve ever met. She identifies the true root cause then builds a path of recovery that works, and works long-term.

This might sound like a corny commercial but if you’re at the end of your rope with a health issue that none of your doctors have been able to diagnose and every newly prescribed medicine appears to help but just results in a new problem then you should run, not walk, to Dr. Bradt. She is, at every level, an extraordinary physician who will jump in the foxhole with you and guide you out of your misery to better health and quality of life. She did for us and we are eternally grateful for her gift of healing and she will be our doctor until our dying breath.
— Steve and Jane S., Asheville NC